Electrum QTUM Wallet is what you were looking for

Nowadays there are many wallets and handbags that give us the ease of on the web transactions in just a few keys to press, among them will be Electrum QTUM, which is very simple, but really Electrum Qtum Download powerful. It has a special secret phrase, which gives the peace of mind a person deserve as well as the intruders who want to access your money, stranded. It can save you that key phrase in both your memory space or you can write it down on your mobile phone, computer, paper, or any other protected site, but you will not have the worry of dropping your Electrum QTUM Wallet account for any equipment failure or Stole. The most recent version of this kind of wallet is the Electrum XVG Wallet 0.18.10, which was released on January 5, 2019, and is also available for Home windows, Linux and also iOS, however, Android isn’t compatible currently with this edition, but it is in the search for a mobile wallet, you can check along with LoafWallet, Coinomi or Jaxx.

On the list of features of this kind of wallet are:

• It can be used immediately: This doesn’t require the entire chain of blocks be saved, instead, it really is kept on a tamper-proof server.
• It really is safe: Your passwords, account details, and the key phrase will never be sent to some of the QTUM Electrum servers, all the information received from the actual server is actually verified with the simplified payment verification (SPV).
• It’s recoverable: You should not concern yourself with losing your wallet since, together with your secret phrase, you can always recuperate it and also restore that whenever you want, even though you suffer software or equipment failures.
• Cool store: You should use your wallet to control and produce your wallets securely offline, so you can convey a part or perhaps all of your money completely offline.
• It is accessible: You are liberated to export password strength, password or secret term to whoever you wish as long as you are a Qtum customer.
If you want more info about this amazing wallet, go to the website https://www.electrumqtum.org/ and find out everything you want to know.